A new partner joins the club! Welcome, EventVue.

Tom and I are really happy to announce that 360Conferences, inc. has a new partner. Joining the ranks of Eventbrite, and CFDynamics is EventVue!!

EventVue is a local area company to me (Denver/Boulder). Usually, we hunt down our partners. This time though, our partner found us. From the moment I saw the demo I was pretty sure we’d want to partner.

What does EventVue do? Their website has plenty of details. For us, they help offer a much great experience to our attendees. People come to our events to network, learn, find work, find workers. EventVue helps with that, by making it easy for attendees to connect pre-event, arrange to meet, hang out, even work together. They also help attendees stay in contact, or even connect, post event.

We’re very excited to be partnering with EventVue, and can’t wait to see what comes of this new dynamic to 360|Conferences.