A conference for community builders

Tom and I attended Adobe’s “Industry Leader and Creative Media Summit”, not a descriptive title at all, but it turned out to be fun. We can’t talk about what we were shown, but that’s really only part of the coolness of the event. The main cool factor was meeting other event organizers and talking shop. None of them do things they way we do, their events are closer to traditional conferences, but still it was nice to meet them and talk shop about dealing with sponsors, how to deal with A/V, internet, special needs attendees, etc.

The one thing that didn’t take place was a time in the schedule officially for talking shop, which would have rocked. As it is, we talked in between and might be able to leverage our collective buying power on things like USB drives and such. That would have been very worthwhile. Hopefully, our various events can pool resources to make our respective events better!