Offsite Summits

Some companies try to find time and fundage to go for an offsite summit at least once a year. The reason for this is to get out of the traditional surroundings, find themselves in a new place that will hopefully stimulate new ideas. Many corporations swear by them and feel that their business will come to a standstill without them.

With regards to 360|Conferences, we find ourselves in a lucky predicament. One month before each show, we fly out to the location of our upcoming show for an onsite visit. Usually, it’s just a walk through with the staff. We finally get to meet them face to face and get familiar with the rooms that will house our conference.

The onsite visit only takes a couple of hours. After that, John and I find ourselves in a completely foreign place with nothing familiar but each other. We take this time to explore the city by day and then we do our strategic summits by night.

It’s just another example of how our little company can beat the big guys. Our offsites are a necessity, and so our customers benefit in more ways than one on these trips. We nail down the details for the show and figure out ways to better serve everyone.

Killin’ two birds with one stone, ya gotta love that, especially when we don’t have very many stones. :)