Karma makes the world go around

I mentioned the actual event on our conference blog, but wanted to talk a little more about it.

Tom and I both believe in Karma. Not in the Hindu sense, Tom’s a Mormon and I’m a non-believer. Hope that’s okay with everyone.

That said, we do feel that the concept of Karma is a good one, and highly relevant, maybe one day I’ll finish my essay on the “Karma Circle”.

Many business visionaries have said it, plenty of religious leaders have said it, and as I mentioned, one religion revolves around it. The concept of doing good things, ideally for no other reason than because you can, is powerful.

In Atlanta, we received a “Hat in hand” email, explaining why this person couldn’t pay to attend our 360|Flex event. He asked if there were any cancellations he could use, or any discounts, etc. He’d drive himself (though he ended up flying since he caught a cold), if only he could somehow get in the door.

This person pinged us and our sponsors. David Bigelow from Simplified Logic replied to this person and gave him the reg code he had been given as a sponsor. His sponsorship level included a few passes, and he had used all that he was going to use, so he had a few left over. Tom and I don’t care what sponsors do with their passes so it was cool to see Dave just give his away. Not to a prospective client or employee, but to someone who obviously needed some help.

I think it’s really powerful when people, and more so when it’s a company, do things like this. Not to further their business, or win a new hire over, or anything like that, but rather just because.

Tom and I thought about making something more formal around this idea, but for now, it’s going to be more informal. Our first thought was some sort of marketplace for unused passes that sponsors could all put them into a “pile” to be doled out to those less fortunate, but that puts some one (Tom, me, or someone else) in charge of deciding who is worthy of a free pass. That’s not us, we’re not in a position to decide that. Something will solidify itself over time, it’s Karma. :)

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Score! I’ll email and ask for a hand out” but aren’t really in need, think again. You’ll likely be ignored, and if not, Karma will get you. :)