Transparency, not just a fad

There’s been times when Tom and I have wondered if transparency is really that great. Those times usually pass pretty quickly, we can’t see running a business any other way. I saw that, as of yesterday, the TSA is blogging. How freakin’ great is that!?

I’ll be the first to admit, I usually hate the TSA. They break things and take no responsibility, they’re more often than not rude, and the policies and thoroughness vary from airport to airport.

Opening themselves up to the public like this (as of now, the first post has almost 500 comments), letting us get a better idea of who the TSA is, and letting them get a better idea of who we, their customers are, that’s great! It doesn’t counter the treatment they impart, but hopefully that might change. Reading some of the stories, I realize I could have worse luck in my travels.

They’re breaking out topics such as shoes, liquids, and even inconsistencies in policy execution, into separate blog posts, asking, yeah you read that right, asking for comments. And from the number of comments so far, the public has no problem answering the call for engagement.

And it’s not just a one sided “post, response” scenario. TSA peeps are commenting, replying to specific people, acknowledging failings, etc. It’s a true two way dialog!

Seeing this, totally reinforces my resolve that business (or government) can, should, and needs to be transparent. Too many businesses as well as our own government have forgotten whom they serve, and have decided that, “it’s better if we don’t know”. We say Screw that! A conference soda costs $5.00! Wifi sucks ass! Hotels charge too much! Renting a projector for 3 days is almost twice the price of owning one!

Right on TSA!! You keep talking to us, I’ll keep trying to smile share a kind word as I pass through.