Adobe’s Community Summit – Bravo

I went to Adobe’s Community Summit Conference this week. It’s a sub-150 person conference and it is great. Small conferences have so much to offer that bigger conferences do not.

  1. We had a who’s who list of Adobe giving presos. Think of any big name folks, including the CTO and COO, and they were there. The room was just big enough to need a mic, but small enough that the speaker’s facial expressions were still visible from the back.
  2. Fun engaging events. With this small group, we were able to have two great events. One was in a small room at Adobe. The second was in a private room of a bowling alley. You’d think geeks and bowling might not work, but it worked great. I’ll post details on my personal blog.
  3. Communication. Not only did Adobe employees show up to chat during the conference, they also showed up to the events. At the Monday night event, I chatted it up with the about 10 Adobe employees. Tuesday night, Diverted (a.k.a. Flex Evangelist Ted Patrick) and FerociousT (a.k.a. Flex Product Manager Phil Costa) were bowling with us in our lane! Imagine being able to hang and chat with those 2 for 10 frames of bowling. It was great.

Ed Sullivan, who runs the Adobe User Group Program, put this conference together. He did a stellar job. Mad props to him. Ed has also been instrumental to getting our company, 360Conferences, off the ground. Whenever we had doubts, questions or needed someone to bounce an idea off of, Ed’s been there.

Thanks for the good times and all the help, Ed.

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