Our Partners

Our partners are important to us. Without them our model of conferences, couldn’t exist. They believe in us, we believe in them.

What’s that mean? In a nutshell, it means that they see the benefit of affordable developer-focused conferences. They see that while our conferences aren’t the massive Java-One type of affairs, our ability to have them more frequently across a range of topics makes up for the smaller volume per conference.

No one can go to MIX, MAX, Comdex, Where 2.0, OSCON, etc. all in a year, it’d be cost prohibitive. But if the conferences were cheaper, it would be easier to attend them all.

That’s our model and that’s where our Partners come in. Without CFDynamics, Eventbrite and EventVue, we’d never be able to produce conferences that cost as little as ours do. Where else can you get high quality speakers and sessions, the best and brightest of the community, for 3 full days, for only $480.00?

The answer is easy, and not rhetorical, ‘nowhere’.

As we go, we’re hoping to partner with more and more companies to bring even better and even more affordable conferences to the community, it’s about time!

So say thanks to these great companies!